10 Commandments of India & the traveler

Trip Planning




~Thou shall not trust strangers thou have just meet. ~

~Thou shall always be careful crossing the roadways. ~

~Thou shall always check your room carefully before accepting it. ~

~Thou shall always eat fresh veg food. ~

~Thou shall not play with stray dogs. ~

~Thou shall always sleep under a mosquito net ~

~ Thou shall respect local culture. ~

~Thou shall take care of ones health. ~


~Thou shall always bargain and not be taken advantage off. ~

~Thou shall not give money or sweets to beggars or street children ~

~Thou shall always check ones change upon receipt. ~

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0 # Diane 2009-06-01 13:45
I shall obey! :-)
0 # name 2009-06-15 09:19
Love them all except I am mystified as to how to sleep under a mosquito net in India. They are never provided in hotel rooms and there's no place to attach them too... ?

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