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The popular guide books are fond of jumping on the political band wagon, spun with sloppy research.
Every time I've open one up i read," possession of any amount of drug in India if convicted is minimum 10 years in prison with little chance of parole.."   2010 popular guide to India


They make it sound like some strict country such as Singapore or Dubai.   Let's face it, a high percentage of western youth may partake in the occasion marijuana smoke or drink of alcohol while traveling abroad on their gap year or time after university.  In most western countries soft drugs are DE-criminalized and not consider serious offences. The USA, Canada, Europe and Australia all have provisions for medical marijuana. Unfortunately India does not have these separate laws despite the high number of chronically ill people.
Not sure why a guidenepali_ganja_women_mysecretplanet-1 book would want to scare everyone like this (morality? ethics? ...doesn't sound like them.)

I can think of many time i've meet newbie backpacker people who imagine that if everyone is trying to do them in with some soft of drug set up.  Some time they are almost shaking, looking around if the Indian DEA is going to jump out from behind the water colder...there is no American or European style of drug war in India. Marijuana has been used in India for thousand of years long before European alcohol and tobacco from America arrived. The famous Bhang is written about in the Vedic texts - the drink of the gods.  Bhang is taken during festivals and even given to children. In my opinion it not a concern for locals as long as tourists are behaving themselves and acting respectfully.

So, what are the real law in India regarding marijuana or charas (hashish) in India ?

- Possession of hashish is classified as unto a 100 grams of hashish (charas) is a fine of 10,000Rs or possible prison of up to 6 months or both.

- Possession of marijuana (ganja) up to 1000g (1 kilo!) same, fine of 10,000Rs or possible prison of up to 6 months or both.

-   Addicts volunteering for treatment enjoy immunity
from prosecution

- Centre for Narcotics Training
National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics, Faridabad 2008

So really the definition of possession is quiet broad, every type of drug has it's own classification as to what is considered possession.  The important part here is that they law is not all encompassing, it's not 10 years or nothing. I believe if it is single minor offence surely the 10,000Rs ($220) fine would apply. One could also claim to be an addict and seek treatment and thus remain free.

So in comparison to neighbouring countries such as Dubai, Thailand, Singapore or Malaysian actually India is quiet liberal. Indeed statistics show that entire towns in India may have predilection to flowers.

I'm not suggesting you should use drugs in India it is still illegal. Anymore than what might be deemed possession will send you away for along time. Like the English girl Daisy Angus

in 1990 spend 4 year in Mumbai famous Aurthor Road prision for smuggling hashish onto an airplane.  She was very stupid. Never even think of doing something so stupid in India your life will turn to pure hell.

You should realize that you are not risking a life sentence, no need to be overly paranoid, India is still the land of love.  Not that the quality is much good anyway, would explain the 1 kilo of shwag ganja allowed. I've heard too that the 100 grams of charras may only be 50 due to the standard used is based on 98% pure charras.

You should be careful who you are with in India and who you make friends with. If your traveling with a drug dealer you will be consider one too.

Travel safe and travel smart!

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+1 # india classifieds 2012-05-17 23:50
hello you can use it for yourslf in india.. with very small quantity..
+1 # Poppy 2012-10-08 09:13

What is the prescription of action for drug use in India?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
+2 # Puff Puff 2013-02-16 13:06
I'm Indian and been smoking weed for the past 6 years. Weed laws here look stricter on paper than in real life. Attempting to sell/transport weed almost always gets you in trouble and jail here if the cop that arrests you doesnt take a bribe. Possession of weed in certain places like airports or railway stations will likely end poorly as well, although the addict protection law should apply (one time only). Enforcement also varies state to state. In UP and Bihar, they are usually very relaxed about it. Even in Mumbai, many people (rikshawallahs, truck drivers & roadside beedi/cig shop people particularly) smoke on the street or in some alley. Some of them smoke in chillum. Babas/Swamis/Ri shis pretty much smoke openly in front of cops anywhere in India. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu has dealers shouting "magic mushrooms, weed!" at traffic signals. I remember the room service guy at the cottage i was staying at, asking me if i needed weed or shrooms. Really depends where you are in India.
+2 # BeachBum 2013-03-29 08:44
As a tourist you can safely smoke in certain places. I have smoked weed and hash for 14 years in India. In Goa where i live now, beyond Anjuna you can smoke pretty much anywhere, and even in other places, the police is there to catch criminals, not tourists partying. Drugs flow freely in Goa, but thats the demand!.In Delhi Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore there is a large smoker and party drug population but scattered.
Remember, always say you bought it from a Baba, Prasad of Bholenath!.. ha ha I love India.
0 # Dr Arora 2014-04-23 06:54
Laws for Cannabis in India vary from place to place,stare to state.If you possess, trade, consume,innocen t or not,used it as a medicine, or even grow it in your field,Its like a elephant trying to escape from a big hole.But some where unluckily his tail got trapped by a heavy stone on it. So the elephant can escape, but remember the tail can make you go in jail.
0 # Mumbai Goa 2014-07-09 18:52
I have been smoking Weed in mumbai for like a long time.. the thing is you gotta be really careful because when you go to score weed just outside some Narcotics remain to Catch the person buying it.. and you could land in trouble. they wont take a bribe, they will Thrash you, check you up and down and find what ever they can.. and you wont even know it is them because they come in Casual-type formals. like Formal, long -sleeve shirt and long pant, Mostly Brown pant and white shirt. and roam in Bolero white colour jeeps. they just stop their cars near Grounds and watch quietly for any dopers. so better keep an eye for them.. in public place.. I smoke in public.. only thing is when a cop come I act like its a cigarette. but beware of NARCOS. you could land up in prison for minium 6 months to 4 years. if you get caught by a cop and you are like in your 20s and going to col they will leave you after a day or two. but you dont want that happening so best stay away from them. cheers!

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