Fort Cochin


Fort Kochin in the South India state of Kerala is a facinating place with the feel of old caribran port taken over by pirates. Kerala is a different state in India, one of the most populated, and has a unique communist culture peppered with strong Islamic faith.

You will find some the best beach in India along Kerrala's long caost there are nothing but beach. From Fort Cohin you can cross the harnour by public ferry to Vinipee island.feed you something interesting, intriguing perhaps with a shiny moan. 

Coconut Palms, Chinese fishing net struck up like gaint fly catchers, Kalikathi Dance will fill you dreams at night as will freshes curried fish from the sea.

Fort Cochin Map



The Good: Loads of atmosphere, great walking town, excellent sea food and monster prawn can be had for pittance and enjoyed by the sea side. Kalikathi Dance shows are held every night.


Over all Rating: 76%


The Bad: An immense amount of mosquito plague Fort Kochin, the local government can often be seen in mobile 'fog machines' that fogs out insecticide clouds along the streets filled with unsuspecting pedestrians.It is temperature is often hot, humid and uncomfortable in Kerala. Accommodations are based on supply and demand not quality, can be expensive for AC





Getting to Fort Cochin in Kerala

  • Fort Cochin is an island near Ernakulam best reached Ferry.
  • Ernakulam is a large city with major raid head. Public ferries leave to Fort Cochin on a regular basis as well to other points.
  • Airport, international and domestic flight arrive 30km east. The airport is 20 min+ taxi ride away from Fort Cochin, about $1000Rs.
  • Yacht, many world traveler yacht stop off in Port Cochin. You can hitch a ride with them if your cute.


Vypin Island

Cherai Beach, take the ferry across the harbour to Vypin Island. From there you can visit the other side, catch a bus to Cherai Beach. It's off the beaten track and you will love it.



Map of Vypin Island and Cherai Beach




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