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How to find a great hotel or guest house anywhere when you travel

So the airline lost your luggage and you have no recommendations for a hotels, pensions or guest house? Fear not MSP is here. Chances are you will find a better deal and without the hoards of tourists all on your own just by canvassing a few hotels in the tourist areas that people travel. Stay tuned to learn the tricks of travel and never go bed-less again.

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Types of Hotels in India

General Indian Hotel

This is type of hotel that is used by Indian tourist or business people.  Price range from 500-2000 Rs. These places can be good value because they are usually priced in rupee that a local Indian would pay, they are busy enough that they are kept up reasonably.  These hotels may be new or new refurbished. Typically they are can be noisy with Indians coming and going and all hours of the night. Rooms maybe packed with 4 or 5 male adults. These type of hotel are located near the railway or bus station or in the downtown area.

Over all these type tend to be the best value if they are not too crowded or in a inconvenient location.



This is a type of religious ashram that are offered in most places in India. They are not usually frequented by foreigners but remain a possibility for those travelers on a tight budget. The Gurdwara in Amritsar is one example. Basic accommodation means basic, you might consider this like a youth hostel.

Government Bungalows (PWD)

These are run by the state government's and can be good value. They used be cheap but now seems to more from the 1000-6000Rs Range. Some states ahve better facilities such as in Tamil Nadu you can book on line and some of the hotel are in excellent locations. Also Fatikpur sikir and Pushkar to think of few more.


Foreigner Tourist Hotels 

These hotel cater to foreigner but occasionally may have local Indian staying there. They may be an unofficial policy of foreigners only.  These can be the funnest places to stay if you like a party going on and meet lots of people. Since there are more Indian traveling these type of guesthouse are the ween.  In Goa and Kerala many shacks are like this. Price is high but you can bargain in the off season 300-2000Rs.

Home Stays

A government scheme to host foreign tourist. You may experience mixed results with these ranging from fantastic to ...a nightmare. These are common in Kerala, Fort Cochin comes to mind. Price is generally good from 200-1200Rs.



Quiet? How much does it have? When you enter the hotel stop and listen. What do you here? Traffic? Is it on the main street? What's near by? Above Below? Is it near the reception? Is above the hotels restaurant? First floor or ground floors hotels can be noisy while top floor tends to be quieter for a traveller. (but it can be hotter on the top.) How busy is the hotel? Has a large group arrived? Who's in the room beside yours? Five sweaty, drunken dudes?


Mattress. Lift the sheet of the corner of the mattress and let your nose decide. Your nose will always know. Avoid any moldy, old mattresses, mold can make you very sick. Also look for any signs of bed bugs (maybe common in Delhi) Look under the pillow for any sign of round brown/red bugs. If you find bed bugs you should vacate immediately and demand a refund.


Beds. Is the mattress soft enough? Most Indian mattresses are harder than a pile of cardboard. You will be forced sooner or latter to sleep on a very hard bed of coconut too. It can take some getting use to. Try to sleep on your back or on your stomach with a pillow propping up under one leg. One or two single beds VS a double? Does the double have a dip in the middle of it? You know that one.


Size. Is the room a good size for one person? Are you a couple ? Is it large enough to be comfortable for a night or a week? Are the ceiling high? or two low? How much time will you spend there?


Balcony. It is always nice to have a balcony or a good window with a view. Preferably on the roof top. Many time you can find a very suave and mellow roof top room in India.


Attached Bath. Is it a western toilet - get used to the Asian style. Look for newly built guest houses will have nice tiles and fixtures etc. (India is in a constant state of construction) Hot water is nice feature too. Usually bathrooms are breding grounds for mosquitoes, if there is a door make sure it shut tight.


Internet or TV. These days few hotels may offer internet of Wifi connection. Television are standard. Small rooms will television can very noisy by other people watching loud Hindi movies all night long.

Door Slam. Some hotels have a problem with door slamming. Avoid.



Cooling. Does it have a good fan? does it actually work, does it go up to 'high?' Does the fan make a strange, loud noise? Test it first. Does it have an air conditioner? Beware of an "air-cooler" hotels in India, This looks like, but is NOT, an air conditioner. Is the AC a window mount or wall units? Window unit can be old, noisy and not works so well. Look for a modern wall unit with the AC condensers outside.


Dust. Is there a lot of dust coming in from the road outside such as in the desert? Slap the mattress or sofa and see the dust fly!


Mosquitoes. Is there a mosquito net provided? Do the windows have screens? Is there a mosquito problem? Is there a swamp outside your window? Sometime you can't notice them until night. Does the door shut tight?


New or old building. Are the ceilings high? Good older solid buildings with high ceiling can be very nice and have natural cooling. Small cramped rooms are very hot and stuffy. Concert walls are damp in the winter, and keep the heat in the south.

Checkout Time, Some hotels offer 24 hours check out time, usually in a big city and near the railways. This is convenient if your only staying for a day or two and don't mind some extra noise, particularly people arriving or departing in the middle of the night in the room next to your. More usually is 12 noon, but sometimes it is 10:00am or even 8:00am so don't be too surprised. You should ask about this when you are checking in to avoid confusion.  You may get a late check out or half day charge more often the want a full days payment after 3:00pm, so don't think you can just leave in the evening for you train without paying for an extra day. I've seen some arguments about this.
TIP: Avoid the first room they show you. The first room is often the worst one in the house.
The 'Golden Shower' Guesthouse in Pondicherry.

Where to look for a room?

1. Near the railway or bus station is where most of the guest houses are located, as a general rule this is the same everywhere in India. Take a little walk further, what small streets are near by, usually there are some newer places built there.

2. Avoid any hotel or guest house on the main, noisy road. Look just off another quite roadway. Look for a QUITE place, look for signs leading you that away.

3. Look for a newly built hotels, guesthouses or lodgings, just finish or even partially finished. This is a key, newer places are always better (everything works.) It's that simple, since they are new no one has heard of them so they need business and are open to discounts. Beware of fake 'new' front facades that have been built over the old cruddy guest house.

4. Just beside the "popular place", you'll find some guest house where people tend to move to after a few days.

5. Never ask a rickshaw driver for a room!! He will always take you to a commission guest house. THIS WILL BE A RIP OFF!

 Now that you found a place that "looks" good leave your packs at the reception and go for a quick CHECK of the room. Always check the room first! If you are a couple or a group, one person should go an scout out a good room, while the rest wait with the packs. This will save a lot of time.

BegBug Warning!

There have been an increase in reports of bedbugs at popular travelers hotels. Bed Bug bites are very painful and may cause allergic reactions.

People commonly respond to bed bug infestations and their bites with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.Individuals may also get skin infections and scars from scratching the bedbug bite locations.

If your in India and you come in contact with bed bugs you should be careful that you do not carry them while you travel of even back home. If you do find them in your room, be sure to check out immediately, it won't be a comfortable sleep, do get a refund for the room.

Most patients who are placed on systemic corticosteroids to treat the itching and burning often associated with bed bug bites find that the lesions are poorly responsive to this method of treatment. Antihistamines have been found to reduce itching in some cases, but they do not affect the appearance and duration of the lesions. Topical corticosteroids, such as hydro-cortisone, have been reported to expediently resolve the lesions and decrease the associated itching.-from wiki, commons


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0 # Mike bugskiller 2011-01-05 07:06
Nine days before I was at a beachside cottage. I’d brought my own pillow, but used theirs
for in-between my legs while side-lying. I thinking that pillow could have been the culprit, because the bites are all in places (except the ones on my side) that would “be in contact” (except for the pjs) with it.

Now a week later, I’ve got 3 bites on my abdomen and one on the back of my leg.

How to get rid of bed bugs
0 # paul 2011-04-14 20:20
Kota in raja stan is infested!
0 # mambeach 2011-11-18 02:11
I'm always happy when there is least one or two females working in Hotel.

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