Is India a misogynist country?


Since the widely publicized rape attacks India has been widely criticized for being a the 'rape capital of the world' or 'misogynist culture.' Such proclaimed by many western neo-conservative journalists and media outlets.

Indian without a doubt is poor country with over 300,000,000 poor and suffers from seemingly endless inadequacies and injustices. The plight of women is just one of many of India society, to point fingers as the sole cause of India's problems is nothing more than western feminist propaganda.

"Three farmers committed suicide every day from February to May this year" The Hindu 2014

They do not mention that they are mostly men, the farmers who commit suicide. Men face equally but different hardships in India. Arguably men face more strain because they are expected to take care of the women and family. Be the tradition chapati winner.

India by no means could be called the rape capital of the world because many more rapes occur in Africa for example. The may be the murder capital of the world with 2500 murders occurring in the last one hundred days since the Connecticut shootings, has over 40 times the number of rapes per capital than India.

The western media is cherry picking their facts and leaving out an important number 1.3 billion. You can think of Indian as many countries within a country. What happens over there can be much different 20 kms away. If you look at the per capital rate of assaults on women it is much higher in the USA and Canada than India.

India has a culture that is over 5000 years and a central theme of India is 'Mother India' or Ma India, the worship of the mother is long tradition in India, a country that family and extended family is paramount. Average birth rates in India 2-4 children per family. The job of house holders is consider employment in India. Women play an important role in India and are taken in high regard as the mother figure. Hypocritically western feminist journalist at India culture for this, while western country have a much higher divorce rate and lower birth rate. Western countries are forced to import humans to maintain a positive growth rate.

Arranged Marriages are something the western Christians feminist despise. The consider this a form of human trafficking.  In it self arranged marriages are not different to western love marriages, both are constructs of religion to control their flock of believers. In the west there is high rate of spousal abuse and divorce, so it unfair to attack arranged marries in India when western system of married is just as problematic.

As a traveler, male or female,  you will find at first glance a male dominated society. The trains in 2nd AC are usually 90% men. This trend continues in the urban area but if you get out into the country side you will see an excess of women. It is easy to interpret this a sex-ratio discrepancy. India it is worth it to mention is country with over 300,000,000 women under the age of 22, so it is nothing like some the western countries that lack human capital.

Male and female comradery in India is something unseen in the west. Men are often seen holding hands together for instance. You might think they are gay, isn't that nice. Not so, they are simply close friends. In India people are open to the idea of making new friends. People have a lot of friends in India and make friends easily. This can be unnerving for many foreigners. The problem is that many Indians of course may be trying to take advantage of foreigners and may use this friendliness in the wrong way.

In India everyone says hello to each other and often 'good morning' 'good day' etc. People also smile a lot more than in western country which again makes western people feel uncomfortable. All these cultural difference are combined now with the phenomena of western feminism.

 The Mother is sacred in India. India it self is reffered to a "Bharat Mata' The divine Mother, Devi Adi parashakti, manifests herself in various forms, representing the universal creative force. The mother goddess Durga has another side Kali. The mother goddess is also about destruction.

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