Jaisalmer Fort


A world heritage site, the golden fort sits massive overlooking the vase and desert. Located in the western part of Rajasthan you will be in the desert experience the towns beautiful Havelis, dine on roof top terrace and enjoy the Rajasthan hospitality with music and dance.

This fort has past through medieval times built in the 11th century, over the years three layers of outer walls have been built. Many guesthouses operate within the fort while cheaper options are available outside of the fort in the sprawling the town. The four gateways are an architectural focal point with the royal palace as a must see. This town is also famous for it's government bhang shops.



The Good: Desert Romance over endless sand dunes. Travel back in time and stay inside the old fort walls. Ride a camel for the love of a sore rump.

downThe Bad:  Very Tourist place, touts, guest house owners maybe pushy or rude. Prices will be inflated. Very dusty.

Overall Rating: 66%



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Owch! what happen to the map? It looked like it got bleached by the sun?

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