Kodaikanal Hill Station

Tamil Nadu

Travel Rating: 87%

upEscape the heat and dust of Tamil Nadu plains and South Indian at this 2015 meter above sea level Hill Station. Green tranquil forest walks await you along with idyllic hills. There is no place like this in India, with such diverse climate and local plant life. You can eat fresh passion fruit and river fish here.



Poldilution and crowds of domestic tourists have overrun Kodaikanal, weekends particularly see many large buses roll up and deposit hundreds of school children or adult tour groups. Accommodations have become expensive and short supply.  Vaddakanal is a more tranquil site located 10km west.


Things to do in Kodaikanal

1. Sit at GreenLands Youth hostel and enjoy the view! At 2020m you may need a day or two rest from the journey from the plains. The excellent view from Greenlands are the same as Coaker's Walk.

2. Go for a hike. Around the lake, Coakers Walk, Dolphin Nose, Pillar Rocks, see the water fall, explore some forest. Hiking and trekking paths abound.

3. Eat in one of the many restaurants or bakeries in town. Astoria makes superb south india thali, idly dosa, and even North Indian dishes. The Eco Nut has fresh bed. A Tibetan restaurant satisfies your momo desires. Punjabi and chocolate delicacies can be found.

4. Sunday market.

5. Observatory

How to get to Kodaikanal

From Maduri: By bus takes 5+ hours. Private bus may be possible or taxi (1200Rs). Maduri is well connected by train.

From Kodai Road: You can get to Kodaikanal via Coimbatore and west India (Goa.) It will take approximately 8 hours by bus from Coimbatore. Many train stop at Coimbatore and Kodai Road.

From Cochin in Kerala. Buses run from Cochin to Kodaikanal takes 10 hours+.

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We are heading up there for Christmas does one know of a good cottage to rent?

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