Tamil Nadu

Madurai in South India is the heart of the Tamil psyche and culture. The city has grown expodenically put still has it's charms. Usually a one-nighter but you could stay longer.


  The Good: One of the most holy spots for Tamils and Hindus, Hugh Menakshi temple that you can spend hours walking around, Elephants, South India heart land/ Lots of good south Indian food, cafes, many guest houses to choose. 

downThe Bad: It's a city these days. So it's hectic and taking in sidewalks or peaceful green spaces..


Overall Rating: 84%

Getting to Madurai, Tamil Nadu

By Train: Connects to Chennai by express train, trains also go South Kerala or Rameswaram.

By Flights:

Travellers Map of Madurai

Map of Menakshi Temple

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