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Not long ago this was an unnoticed fishing village with a few wayward wanders hanging about on the Anjuna's Penance rock waiting for the next high tide. A bit's changed now, but it's still worth going. Mamallapuram has become part of Chennai now,  many locals will arrive for the weekends. Come December when the weather is cool for Tamil Nadu, the skies are clear blue, then it's time to dance the nights away with the Mamallapuram Dance Festival. 
Dance troops arrive from all over India with due diligence and you can see a variety of performance from difference cultural styles.   The dance festival runs for four weeks with two shows per evening. The weekends are highlight with specially talented performers.Another dance festival is held in February in Chidambaram so 100km away that is actually more authentic, the Shiva Yatri. This is held at the end of February and will have few foreigners.

About Mamallapuram or also known as Mahabalipuram

(Mam-alla-puram or Ma-ha-bali-puram)

upThe good:  A beach located close to the Chennai airport is soft landing spot. It has western restaurants and food.  Fishing village culture. Mamallapuram Dance festival that runs for one month starting the end of January.

Authentic south Indian, idle, dosa, thali food to enjoy. A long, long beach to walk along. Nice temples. Brilliant sunrises. A variety of accommodations. MamalaBhavan.



downThe bad: Lots of middle class older tourists are arriving in crowds. Accommodation are more expensive prices and run down etc. Lots of cheating people and beggars.

The ugly: Mamallapuram has a lot of mosquito, the villagers (and some tourists) use the beach as a toilet. Over 100 fresh turds per day! Are you sure you want swim there? Raw sewage from the village simply runs into a stagnate pool on the beach. The water is rough and not clean to swim.

Surfing: You may have heard that there is surfing here. It is not true, there is minimal breakers that you may stand up for a minuted of two but that's it.  On the other hand this would be a excellent place for windsurfing as steady wind comes of the ocean most of the day 25 knots+


Get here: A taxi is about 800Rs from the airport, new modern AC buses are running south to Mammalapuram from Guinty Station in Chennai and cost 100Rs.  The only make a few scheduled stops. Zoom out of the map and look for the BUS icon.  You can catch the local train to Guinty. Another bus runs to Tambera station with many connections to Mamallapuram. These bus maybe faster but are only regular.

From Mamallapuram You can do day trips to : Gingee Fort,  Kanchipuram Temple, Chennai.


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