Periyar Thekkadi


Periyar national park in Kerala is one the most popular parks for foreign and local tourist alike.

upThe Good: A national park in South India filled with Elephant, bird and various forms of wild life..

downThe Bad: Maybe overly crowed with local tourists. Animals maybe not there or perhaps sleeping.


A stop over in South India between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. From Fort Cochin Kerala you can take the bus to Kulley and Thekardy, you will immediately notice a  change in climate. Spend a day or two in Therdy National Park then continue on by bus Maduria and Kodaikanal.

Over all Rating: 62%


Accommodations in Kumily, Periyar and Thekkadi.

The best option is stay inside the park unfortuately price may not be of good value. Excellent value accomodation are available just outside of the park.


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