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Ah Pondicherry, no place is like Pondi in India. This is great walking town and good for pubs and (french) restaurants.  The once small seaside town has been slowly westernized by Mother Ashram members and Auroville 20km north of Pondicherry.


upThe Good: A historic French/Indian colonial atmosphere, Mother ashram, many restaurants, bars, cheap beer, French/Indian bakeries, cheap western clothing, walking along the long sea side board walk. Some Indians speak French here. There an elephant near in the temple and eats rupees! Cheap beer, alcohol has no excess tax in the state of Pondicherry.

downThe Bad: No sidewalks, dangerous walking around, very crowded with cars and vehicles, accommodations are more expensive, many Indian come here to drink cheap liquor and can be boisterous at an given time of year. Christmas and other holidays are very busy season.

Overall Rating: 7


TIP: Try to book in advance a sea front room in the Aurobindo Ashram


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