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The Good: One of the most holy spots for Hindus, unique Orissans culture, long beach, fishing village. A stay in Puri can be peaceful.Most tourist stay in the end they near the Z Hotel, Pink House and of the fishing village. There place is also popular with Hari Krishna's look to relax with some holy vibes thrown in. There are number of restaurants such as Mickey Mouse, Moon Dance some Internet cafe's a book store. It's the little tourist ghetto that tries to be.

Puri is the last stop on the train of life, a holy place for Hindu's like no other. One of the four most sacred place Puri is a world of it's own. Half sea side tourist town half Hindu Disney Land. You'll not know what to make of it of it put it sure will be interesting.



The beach here in Puri is not clean so probably don't want to go swimming. But you can walk for miles on the beach and if you do you will eventually find some very nice clean beach. Keep on walking even further, wade over some river mouths and you will make it the Sun Temple.


downThe Bad: The beach is not clean, and the water is not good for swimming. There is a mosquito problem. It gets crowded with Indian tourists.

Overall Rating: 81%

Map Of Puri Beach

From the Train station you are a short cycle rickshaw driver ride to the tourist area.

Getting to Puri: The usually way people come to Puri is by train from Calcutta to Bubaneshwar that is serviced by the Shatabdhi A/C Chair Car express (8 hours+) Major trains stop at Bubaneshwar, trains that go the extra 50km to Puri will be much slower so one could take a bus or taxi from Bubaneshwar to Puri. Trains connect to Bubaneshwar from all over India, Delhi, Chennai, Varanasi, Mumbai etc.

From Puri: Chilka lake (bird sanctuary), Gopol Pur by the Sea (cleaner beach), Sun Temple

Accommodations in Puri: Z-hotel in this area is the foreign tourist ghetto, Red House is on the beach.

Konark Sun Temple 

A Short distance from Puri is the Sun Temple. You can catch a tourist bus here or ride a bike.

This map has special 3D features than can be access only by selecting --Earth. 

3d-Map of the Konark Sun Temple Purisun_temple_google_image2


Train Station is close to everything in town but Bhubaneshwar is far from the Calcutta and anywhere else.

This town is filled with temples. You can spend the day seeing all sorts of temples. Also rent a bicycle here and see the temples see the map and print a copy for yourself.However the town is more of city and become very hectic. You will probably stay on the main road are most of the guesthouses.


Bhubaneshwar Town and Railway Station MapBubaneshwar_Puri_Orissa_MSP


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