Red Fort New Delhi

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Red Fort in New Delhi is popular tourist destination known for it's evening lazer light show. Check with the tourist office for timings. The Red Fort is short walk from Paharganj area of guesthouses.

This 3D tour of the Red Fort is big, navigate with the man in the box bellow. Often the Red Fort is partially closed so at least you can see it all right now. It is a nice reprieve from the chaos of Delhi during the hot day times



Jantar Mantar New Delhi there are 13 architectural astronomy instruments. Build by  by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur in 1724.

Check out the 70 foot Sundial and the other tools for star gazing, Samrat Yantra, Jayaprakash Yantra, Misra Yantra.



Popular must see Humayun's Tomb in New Delhi a large complex from 1563, a massive Mughal tomb.

National Art Gallery on the other side of Delhi may be too exhausting to visit by here you can have a the virtual tour.

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