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Map of Rishikesh

Guesthouse locations

Map features: zoom out to find the secret village and the not so secret water fall further up the river ganga.



A highly populated area, filled with transient tourist and pilgrimages alike. These people are coming for the real thing, the real yoga.Rishikesh_MSP_Map_1

When you come Rishikesh let go and go with the flow of the ganges!

A great social place if you are an out-reverted person.

Rishikesh is a place to drink a cup of laughing yoga with your morning groans.


Rishikesh Laxman Jhula





The Good: World renowned, Yoga and spiritual destination with an international feel. One the most famous Hindu spots. Quick jump from Delhi on the train. This maybe one of the last great backpacker hangouts on the planet!



Rishikesh is highly recommended because of it's warm traveler feeling and subculture that developed there over the years. There are many cheap places to stay or eat if your on a budget. You can take numerous courses in yoga, music (table, sitar, vina, guitar)

Some guesthouse maybe as cheap as 200Rs per night.You can stay at one of the many ashrams which have rules to abide by but will at least will be somewhat quiet at night.  North of Rishikesh follow the Ganges there many small mountain villages to make day treks or over night trip. You find vase forest and cool rivers to bath (see map.)

There are many travelers here all year including the summer as it is a drop through place for cool Himalaya that gets popular with Israeli and European travelers. There are full moon parties too in season when thing are busy (August-October)

The Bad: Maybe shortage of accommodations, can very noisy, crowded.

The Ugly: Poverty and pollution maybe overwhelming especially in Haridwar the near by city. Some guesthouses in Rishikesh can be very noisy. Some foreigner have disappeared here. Many yoga rip offs.

Map Lakshman Jhula Area

Map of Haridwar

Getting There: By train there is a Shatabdhi express that takes about 8 hours. Numerous buses will run to Haridwar-Delhi and should take same or a bit less. Some private bus companies too run this way but leave at night.

Dehradun/Mussoorie are close by that could be a quick get away, over night buses will be going to Dharamsala and Manali on a regular basis.

Where to Stay: There are many guesthouses in Rishikesh that are mostly on the cheap side from 200-400Rs. One option is around Lakshman Jhula is Bombay Kshatria has basic rooms and hippie backpacker vibe. There are few around here Hill Top is not bad and further down the road is a small guesthouse with rooms for 500Rs.

About 500m down the river the Ashram area of Rishikesh that is the main part of Rishikesh. There are many restaurants serving typical north India food thali. Many ashrams offer rooms and course in Yoga. There are private guesthouse hotels in this area. The ashrams are at least quiet at night but expect early rising.

Across the river by the Lakshman Jula bridge is the famous Swiss house and various other hotels. Mainly domestic tourist occupy this area.

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+5 # findspollen 2012-04-23 18:02
Dear traveller,

if you are planning to go to Rishikesh, please keep your eyes open for the missing irish traveller Jonathan Spollen, who is missing from Rishikesh since mid of february this year. As it would be really good to provide the missing poster on this page, it seems that unfortunately the author of this articel is quite uncooperative, so I´m only able to provide the link to the missing poster and all information needed:

+1 # citec 2013-02-11 07:26
Thanks for the maps of Rishikesh and map features.!Rafti ng in Rishikesh
0 # gaurav sharma 2013-03-07 04:49
Hi gud mrng i jst want to knw abt wher the foregiens stay in outside area in rishikesh.i want to planing to exhange our culture n thoughts.i meet him soon thz week

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