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Deep in the heart of India there is unusual ruin that looks like a space pod landed in the ground.

The Good: An unusual temple for 3 century BC. A Buddhist pilgrim spot, not visited by regular tourists so much. A small quite town. Raisen is exquisite fort near by.





Over All Rating :84%


>The Bad:  Many people in the small town may have been effect by the Bhopal disaster read: Five Past Midnight In Bhopal: The Epic Story Of The World's Deadliest Industrial Disaster by Dominique Lapierre. Admission fee's are around $5 per entry while locals go free. Much damage has been done by vandals and Indians who carve their initial into the rocks.

Getting to Sanchi by Flight:

Getting to Sanchi by Train:

Major train connect to Bhopal from all over India. Bhopal can be a natural stop between Mumbai and Varanasi.



















Zoom out of the map and see the Raisen Fort, is an excellent day trip just 10 km from Sanchi.


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1lu Hi,
Wow, this site is pretty. i love it.
I'm happy that you have received my message. and... you are right. that place was sanchi! haha.. I remember too, that night's trouble.

I'll come back here this site later. good bye.

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