Take a Laptop to India


How can a foreigner get WIRELESS INTERNET in INDIA?

To get a SIM card (and or wireless internet) you need a local address and be a resident. This is because India has some strict polices against to keep track of who's using the wireless networks, to prevent terrorism apparently. You also need photocopies of your passport. Expect to spend lots of 'Indian time.'

Unfortuately it is very likely that your connection is terminated after three weeks. The wireless network will get the application at the head office and cancel the account because they will be heavly fined by the government otherwise.

Usually some private operator will bend the rules and use your local guest house address after confirming it, it is best to have it in a locals name.

3 G service is from Tataindicom 'Photon' only available only in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, Jammu & Kashmir & North East States.

Monthly  - Rs 1500
Download limit - Unlimited
Charges for hardware - 3500

Some reasons to bring a laptop to India

    • 1) Store, edit and view photos or videos you've taken. Think how enjoyable it will be to relax in the evening or on the train and view through the pic's of the of the day. Post videos on you tube.
    • 2) Play Mp3 music, ebooks, audio books. A laptop sounds much better than an ipod, you can also add a sound card.. E-book take up 1000kb for a huge novel. Same for audio books, that can be excellent for passing time on the train or plane.
    • 3) Write journals or blog. 
    • 4) Connect to the INTERNET, check email, check bank accounts, credit card statement. Wireless is available all over India, as cell phone access is.
    • 5) Watch AVI movies. Relax in the evening with a movie from home.
    • 6) Access maps, train info. Trains at a glance is down loadable to your computer as are maps.

    Look, new small netbooks have arrived! They are perfect for the traveler. Light weight about 1.5kg's and cheap price!

    Laptops (netbooks) we like 2012

    • Lenovo x220 IPS 11'
    • Mac Air 11'
    • Dell Vostro 12"

    Important features for a travel laptop

    • Weight. Less than 1.5kg
    • Battery life. Power outage are common so long battery life 3hr+ is important preferable 6 cell battery
    • Screen. If your editing photo or videos screen quality is a priority. 10" screens kinda suck, better go for 12" or 13" Anti glare or IPS Screens are preferable.


        Broken Laptop Adapter: Common problem in India is eletrical current fluxuation, this will damage your laptops adapter over a short time. You can get a surge protecter by this will cost as much as a replacement adapter and is bit heavy. Your adapter may only last only 2-3 month, luckly the big cities in India will have replacement laptop adapter or a universal type of adapter.


      BSNL's Wireless Internet Service

      Speed: EVDO  upto 2.4Mbps.

      The Data Card is available at a cost of Rs 3000 (for one time charges). 

      Cost: Wimax broadband service

      This is best service in 4.5 lak towns and villages.

      Tata, Airtell also offers slower EDGE wireless service. But it very slow and you must buy their usb modem unless you have one in your GSM cell phone already. 30 to 60 kbps


      You can get in big cities in select locations, cafes, upper scale hotels, also in the airports sometimes. Overall scarce. 

      Internet Cafes

      Bring your netbook here!  They will let you connect yourself. Most are infected with viruses and spyware! Maybe 80%, try a new place if your lucky. Better take your net book in with you and get connected that way if  you have something sensitive to do online.

      Get a new Email account while your traveling. Your regular email account may have a lot of personal info. Set this account to forward to a new account. If hackers get your email in India and start to spam you if will end when you get home and use your old address. 

      A good free vrius checker is SUPER SPY WARE REMOVER, just download it and run it. Don't connect your thumb drive or the virus can jump on to it. Say to the owner you'll clean his computer if he gives you a free 1/2 hour ha ha, prove it to him, SUPER SPYWARE REMOVER always finds something, and in India it will find tons! Problem is a scan can take 1-2 hours... so set the scan up and then come back when it's done.

      You may have to show your passport, photographed and even finger printed these days to use the internet!  In fact internet cafes are becoming scarce in big cities. Although the tourist ghettos are bit immune.

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