Varkala Beach


upThe Good:

  • A beautiful green palm treed tropical paradise.down
  • A few small beaches to go to with nice swimming.
  • Good selection of guesthouses, cafes and restaurants.


The Bad: 

  • Gets very crowded in season.
  • Too many guesthouses and restaurants.
  • Cliff walkway is dangerous and sellers are excessive.

White sands and Keralan nights await you

Over all Rating: 77%


Accommodations in Varkala


Around 1000-1200Rs,

Eating in Varkala

Every front along the cliff is lined with restaurants.
Evening you can get a slice of Swordfish, or Kingfish chips, rice and salad for about 200Rs

Things to do in Varkala:

Surf! After or before the monsoon there many be more waves enough for body boarding.


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Getting to and going from Mumbai

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