What kind of camera to take?




 There are there good options available for the traveler:

  • D-SLR
  • Mini Compact Digital
  • Video Camcorder 

If you want crisp, beautiful photos to tantalize you eye with details get a D-SLR. This newer technology has come down in price to compete with regular digital cameras.

These days something like a Nikon D60 with a VR lens is down to $450. If you want to take great photos, than spend a little more on your camera and buy a D-SLR. Canon and Pentax also make great D-SLRS.

D-SLR take digital photos will Digital Cameras take digital images!Bangkok_koasanRd_Mysecretplanet200424

A .jpg taken with a SLR will much easier to digital correct or enhance with PhotoShop or ACDC editor because the image will be of much high quality in the first place. Don't be mislead by 10.1 mg images shot on a digital vs 4mg shot on DSLR, the DSLR is still better.

However, SLR’s are heavy, especially when you add extra lenses such as a wide angel or zoom, it will weigh around 2-3 kgs with the lens. The quality and performance can not compare to regular digitalis though. DSLR’s are also good with battery life taking 500 or more shots with one battery charge. This makes them ideal for trekking or simple traveling.

If your getting a Nikon you will need lens may i suggest 50mm prime and a 12-24 Wide angle. The new 18-200VR is not a bad option if you only want one lens.

Mini Cybershots are so small they can fit in your front pocket.   This is a feature that traveler can not deny.  Keep in mind the photo quality may not be so great, but who cares? It's got built in video too and so small you might forget it, hopefully in your pocket.

A video camera, camcorder can be very enjoyable to travel with because it will capture sound as well motion. India has some amazing things happening! Keep in mind to carry extra memory or data bank.  You will have fun posting your Vids on YouTube when you get home!

That's it. I won't recommend any of the mid range digital cameras, they just can't compare to D-SLR like Nikon D50. If you don't want the weight go with a compact, they're so small. If you prefer video (and why not?) get a camcorder with SD memory and upload to your Photo Storage Device.

TIP: Memory: these days a 64g SD card is around $80. This should more plenty for the average traveler. If fact 4g maybe plenty too.  If you want more you can get a portable hard drive with OTG interface. This allows you to up load photos or video to the hard drive with 4 AA batteries. No computer is needed.

If you want a good portable tripod check out the Toby Gorilla this is a light weight tripod that has three wire arms. You wrap the arms around a tree or poll or even a chair. The are three models, make sure you get the one that fits the weight of your camera.gorrilla_arms_mini_tripod_mysecretplanet


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