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Yoga is something everyone it seems is into these days, from Sexy in the City to Richard Gere, or Madonna. Who wouldn't enjoy the ancient practice of Yoga and chance to get out of your skin and be...uh happy? The allure is undeniable, eternal freedom awaits you!

Yes that is Yoga folks not Yogurt that brings you lasting enlightening, infinite health and great visions so you might go in life to become an incense salesman. Yogurt is very tasty by the way an is used to make an old Yogi Drink, known as the Bhang-Lassi.

Before you partake in any sort of Yoga treatment of 'adventure' you should be in good health and no history of mental issues or else...who knows you could happen, you might go mad. So you might want to check your travel health insurance policy.

Different types of Yoga

Mental Yoga- This is a kind of will power where logic is your counter balance. For example, lets say your are smoker for many years and really want quit your tobacco addiction. You would use mind-yoga to weigh the situation logically and pragmatically.

Logically no one should smoke cigarettes because they: cause cancer, make your body weak, cause other diseases, clog you lungs, arteries, make you smell bad, cost money etc. So no one would really choose to be a smoker.

If your mind is strong enough you can do anything, this is know as free will. You may have heard stores of babies trapped under something in an accident. The mother arrives and is able to life 500 lbs to save the child. That is mental yoga.

Physically Yoga- This is what western people usually think of a type of work out. This involves various Asanas (positions) holding the position, stretching to the position etc. You may become advanced and gain much flexibility of some years, and soon you will appear to your close friends as a human pretzel. 

After a few days of watery Dal and white rice you may be allowing in the inner sanctum for a full cleansing by consuming two litres of olive oil.  This apparently is excellent for cleaning out your gal bladder or 'inner karma knots.'

Next up will be a full sinus - cleanse (no it wasn't the pollution or dust that was bother you) this involves and 3 meter length of gauze greased up and slid through you nose down to your throat and out your mouth. Squeak, squeak you will be cleansed inside and out as the Krsha was.

Breath Control - This another bizarre if not harmful technique involving controlling your breathing rhythms. This is called pranayama and is supposedly practiced by the yogi's in the Himalayas for 1000's of years. 

As any school child can tell you hyperventilation will make you light headed and feeling high. It's no surprise that many people believe that this leads to enlightenment.

Cleansing the body yoga - Part of your yoga treatment of course is them telling you what to eat, how to eat etc. What else would less fun or easy to way to gain more control over you? 

The big trick here is don't eat. Well you knew that already, didn't you?

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Renunciation - what's it all about?



Yogi's sit for years on a mountain or inside an ashram practicing how to say No and how to renounce the world. This is an extreme approach to life and childish to say least.  As an adult we can recognize that there is health middle ground between what is necessary in our existence and what is frivolous and unnecessary. It doesn't take a genius to see that chasing things that are unnecessary will make us unhappy in the long run.  People drive an SUV when they could drive a small car, they live in house so big it takes so much energy to take care of,  then they feel stress in their job because they are trying to make enough money to support their lifestyle that grows and grows. Like a child again, they can never have enough.



 This drives the parents crazy because all day the child will be saying no, no, no to everything, even the simplest things. Twenty or thirty years into the future, as an adult, he/she may have to reclaim their primal knowledge and power again and relearn the power saying no and the power of renouncing. By this time they forgot how to say now and they can't live without anything. They need so much.


Guru's - how they trick you


Mind and body are connected. If your mind is unhappy the simplest way to make it happy is by making the body happy.

If the body is happy then the mind becomes happy.

Most Guru's are experts at looking like guru's rather than actually being one. They trick you with drama and your own believe in 'yoga' and that they are holy and possess some special knowledge that will lead them/you to magic happy place in life.

This believe is what propels people along, the further you go the deeper he/she will be able to manipulate you.

Typical things they do to fool you, say something simple and make it sound profound.

He'll say,' It's all good and all natural, if feels good then it's natural etc."  Or they may have some writing that claim is book but real is some texts copied from some yoga books. Or take you places and make you stop and listen and take some yogic journey into the here and now.

Yoga - the mind body link

If your body is sick it is important to keep your mind happy and healthy to support the sick body, but this is much harder isn't it?

So we take the easier path and make the body happy. How do we make the body happy? With health exercise and healthy eating. Garbage in garbage out.

Healthy Heart. The breath exercises try and mimic something important: cardiovascular exercise. You've heard of the runner high, the athletes high? Well it exists.

Exercising your heart is paramount to health.


Pranayama and yoga do not exercise the heart. You need to exercise heart in a way to get your heart rate at around 140 beats per minute, not too high or not too low or you won't be working the heart in an efficacious (depends on your age and weight) It must be kept going for at least 20-40 minutes, once per week.

This alone will do wonders for your health. The increase blood flow alone can prevent stroke, heart disease, cancer etc. Thinking and concentration require 20% more blood flow to the brain, so if you exercise your heart regularly you will also think better.


What could be better than improving your heart and brain?

Listening to your heart rate and connect it with the mind~body link. To get your heart at the correct BPM for optimum exercise you need a heart rate monitor. If your using a tread mill it may have one built in, if your a jogger or hiker you'll need a wrist water or armband type of heart rate monitor.  What's created is a bio-feed-back loop by you watching your heart rate go up and down and you controlling your exercise rate.

Healthy body. Yoga offer various stretch exercises which obviously has some benefit. It should not stop there. Healthy body should also have health muscles.

Weight training and exercise is actually a yogic type of exercise.

Again the mind body link is at work as a bio-feedback mechanize is used in weight training. Recent studies have found the weight training reduce cancer rates by an amazing %60.  So everyone should consider at work out at least once per week. A healthy body will serve you well as you get older too and actually becomes even more important.


Food Yoga, Garbage in and garbage out. It is amazing what a poor yogi will eat in India, just a white rice, water beans and some potatoes and chilly. You can see the yogi's are so skinny and frail. This can't be healthy. Don't imitate them. This is because they are crazy for 'cleansing their karma.' They think if they don't eat all the badness will come. More yogi bear talk. Starving the body is unhealthy, it should be taken care of, yogi's want to deny their bodies. This is too extreme for the average person.

What is healthy is a proper diet of fresh fruit, vegetable, grains, beans, fish, milk, nuts. If you eat from the five food groups foods on a regular basis and avoid other toxic food and drugs I guarantee you will feel better than a year in ashram or yogic center and you can do all on your own - naturally!


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0 # BumBumPaw 2012-10-22 21:01
Sorry but somebody can kill themselves like doing this:

"Pranayama and yoga do not exercise the heart. You need to exercise heart in a way to get your heart rate at around 140 beats per second"

I believe it should be not 140 beats per sec but rather per minute! !!!


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